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June 2022 - The Matriarch is a band with origins dating back to 2021. However, its musical roots extend way back in the past. The line-up looks back on 60s garage and soul, as well as 90s alternative and early 2000s indie.

There are many elements of the past in The Matriarch’s music. Still, the band is far from being a nostalgia-driven act!

The group had already been active as “Mal the Band” for quite some time, with the members making music in a casual setting and working on their creative direction. Eventually, they continued to evolve into what the band is today: a unique combination of styles with an edgy yet emotional twist.

The Matriarch’s most recent single is titled “Best Wishes.” The song exemplifies how the band channels the angst of rock and the warmth of soul, offering a massive tone and some memorable hooks.

“Best Wishes” is highly recommended for fans of artists such as The Strokes, Amy Winehouse, Savages, Alabama Shakes and PJ Harvey, only to mention a few.

Consisting of Al Erftenbeck (she), Mal Babcock (she), Mal Benoit (she), and Jo Hockemeyer (she/they), they have set out with the goal to create space for women in a mostly white cisgender male dominated business and they own their power from within.


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