Screen Printing

Screen printing is an excellent option for the creation of great selling, long lasting merch. It is the most durable method of imprinting your branding on many types of garments, including T-shirts, Hoodies, Canvas Bags and even cardstock Posters. 

We use plastisol inks with fashion soft additives to achieve an opaque, yet soft print. This versatile ink allows us to quickly refill orders from our catalogue of screens, leading to a super-fast turnaround of 1 day on reorders and 5-7 days on first order. 

Premium shirts feel better and get worn more often. Everytime a fan wears your band's t-shirt, they are advertising you to their friends. The average tee gets over 3k impressions over its lifetime. So we aim to make great quality shirts that will be worn as a favorite shirt...which means more eyeballs!


We offer several packages designed to provide the highest quality end product while retaining profit margins that will make your shirts an investment, both financially and in your most important asset: your connection to your fans.
Just buy a P.A. and strapped for cash? Get your merch order made now and start selling within ONE week! We'll give you 30 or 60 days to pay with no interest. Must be a band that started or is currently based in Bloomington, IN. 
Let's work together to create a merch package that is long-lasting, affordable and provides a new source of both revenue and fan interaction!



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