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My Band Needs Merch!

What kind of merch should my band get?

Rewind Records offers T-Shirts, hats, posters, buttons, stickers and more! Instead of making a few items here and there, we are offering a full line of band merchandising all in one order.



How much should we spend?

We have created Merch Packages which include a curated mix of the best selling, farthest reaching promotionally, and most cost effective merch for bands. You can still customize your order, but lets start here. 

What if we can't afford that?

Bands order merch and either pay now, within 30 days or apply for a merch contract. If you are approved for a Merch Contract, we will finance your merch and help you sell it for a 50/50 Net Profit Split. In order to qualify, you should be playing shows out regularly and be serious about growing your band. We are only working with bands that play in Bloomington, Indiana! 


Let's Do This! 

Option 1: We've got the money and have people to help us sell it. We are looking to place an order for a t-shirt merch package and pay either now or in 30 days. Click here.

Option 2: We have a specific order in mind and would like to get a quote on a custom t-shirt order. Click here.

Option 3: We are playing shows and have some fans, but we don't have enough capital to get good prices on t-shirts. We also want help selling the merch at shows and online and would like to apply for a Merch Contract. Click here.