My Band Needs Merch!

What kind of merch should my band get?

Rewind Records offers T-Shirts, hats, posters, buttons, stickers and more! Instead of making a few items here and there, we are offering a full line of band merchandising all in one order.



How much should we spend?

We have created Merch Packages which include a curated mix of the best selling, farthest reaching promotionally, and most cost effective merch for bands. You can still customize your order, but lets start here. 

What if we can't afford that?

 We offer a 30 day payment window on all merch orders for local bands here in Bloomington, Indiana. That means you can pay 10% down and pay the rest after 30 days. This should give you enough time to drop your merch and sell enough shirts to pay for the order.

   We help with the capital and the band assumes the risk of ordering too many (or too few!) so talk to your fans and get an idea of how many are ready to buy merch. A poll on social media and/or presales can give a good idea of how many too order. Remember, if you order too few then not only you miss out on sales, but screen-printing gets cheaper the more you order with the minimum order at 12 and then big price breaks at 25, 50 and 100.


Let's Do This! 

Choose your favorite style and color and then Customize It! See your design on all available colors, adjust size and placement, add text, choose ink colors...get creative! Let us know exactly how you'd like your shirts to look.

Click here to get started!