CD Duplication

    At Rewind Records, we understand the importance and recognize the resurgence of physical media in today's digital world. We believe that physical merch makes a lasting connection with fans. That's why we offer CD duplication services aimed to get your music in the hands of your fans (literally) quickly and cost-effectively.

Hand-crafted using fine art papers and ink, over-sized, top-loading CD sleeves.
Rewind Records CD Duplication Manufacturing Discmakers

 Your album deserves to be listened to from start to finish in high quality, thats why we slow-burn your music onto high-quality CDs and Digital Vinyl, guaranteeing zero skips. But it doesn't stop there - we take it a step further by handcrafting premium sleeves with a new innovative design that eliminates plastic waste. We believe in sustainability and giving your music the packaging it deserves without harming the environment. And the best part? We offer CD duplication without any minimum order requirements. Whether you need just a handful of CDs or a large batch, we've got you covered.

Starting at just $3 each, you can order as few or many as you want. Avoid HUGE minimum orders at corporate manufactures like Discmakers, which leads to ordering too many (or too few) and ending up getting subpar packaging. These are NOT throw-away Discmaker CD-Jackets! These are bespoke sleeves, more similar to a vinyl sleeve. 

The Compact Disc is still the most viable option for bands to get physical albums to their fans at shows and online. Did we mention we can sell your record on our website and do ON-DEMAND shipping fulfillment? 

Download our one-of-a-kind CD Sleeve Template and let's get started!