"Melt" by Dizgo - CD

"Melt" by Dizgo - CD

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Dizgo's new album "Melt" on CD in hand crafted jacket.


Dizgo, the dynamic quartet known for their electrifying blend of rock, jam, and dance music, proudly announces the release of their latest studio album, "Melt." Available for streaming and download at SymphonicMS, "Melt" represents a significant milestone for the band, encapsulating the evolution of their sound and the deepening of their artistic vision.

Crafted between the bustling years of 2022 and 2023, a period marked by relentless touring and significant personal milestones for the band members, "Melt" emerges as a testament to the collective spirit and individual growth of Dizgo. The album is a journey through the myriad experiences that have shaped the band, from the joys of new beginnings to the challenges of change, all while staying rooted in the vibrant energy of their music.

"Melt" features a rich tapestry of sounds, showcasing the diverse influences and unique strengths of each member. With a mix of lyrical tracks and instrumental pieces, including three instrumentals and the band's first-ever interlude, the album offers a cohesive experience that bridges the gap between the musicians and their audience. The title track, a funky, psychedelic instrumental, epitomizes the album's essence—a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between the band and their fans, where everyone 'melts' into a unified experience of music and connection.

Recorded and produced entirely in-house over two months, "Melt" stands as Dizgo's first foray into self-production, excluding the artwork and mastering. The album's visual narrative, crafted by the talented Max Powers, complements the musical journey with a series of artworks that bring each song to life. Mastering by Austin Litz of Litz band ensures that the album's sound is as vibrant and dynamic as its content.

As Dizgo continues to redefine the live music experience, blending dance, soul, jamtronica, and psychedelic rock into a mesmerizing musical journey, "Melt" serves as a beacon of their artistic evolution. With standout performances at major festivals and alongside renowned acts, Dizgo invites listeners to join them in celebrating the release of "Melt."

"We are thrilled to share 'Melt' with the world and are immensely grateful for the support of our fans and the music community," said Dizgo. "This album is a reflection of where we are as artists and individuals, and we hope it resonates with everyone who takes the journey with us."

For more information about Dizgo and to experience "Melt," visit Dizgo's official website.

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